The Junk

What Is “Junk”

The Mop has been created to clean your hard disk from so called “junk” or “garbage” files. Junk files are the files that take disk space but do not contain any useful information and are not used by any application. The typical example of such files are temporary files created by large amount of modern applications (e.g., Microsoft® Word®). Other example is *.gid files — Microsoft® Windows® Help System writes to them the list of viewed pages but does not use this information later.

Why your hard disk cleaning is so important?

First of all junk files take disk space.

Secondary junk files can be found in any folder and when you are opening such folder you can see the file with ugly name like ~~~$$$oject_&_of_&_$$$ocument###&&&,doc.tmp — it can irritate any user.

The third reason is that the information about junk files are written in the special areas of hard disk. These areas are viewed and analyzed by Windows when any application accesses disk. So the presence of junk files makes Windows® slower. So cleaning hard disk from junk files is one of the most important activities in the computer maintenance.

What The Mop Can Do?

Nowadays more and more applications create junk files and there are no Windows-embedded tools to fight junk files. That's why we have created The Mop. The Mop can properly clean-up your hard disk and enlarge free disk space and speed-up your Windows® system. It's so easy to use The Mop — just three clicks and few minutes — and you computer works better and faster!

No need to have deep knowledge is internal design of Microsoft® Windows® family — junk select the hard disks you want to clean!

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