The Mop News Archive — 2010


The Mop

10-17-2010 12:25

The Mop released.


The Mop

09-15-2010 16:23

The Mop released.

The Mop: Next Generation

09-2-2010 17:23

We have started internal testing of next generation of The Mop. Public testing will be available soon.


The Mop 5 Released

05-2-2010 16:41

The Mop 5 final build released.


The Mop 8th Anniversary

04-29-2010 10:05

Today we're celebrating the 8th anniversary of The Mop tool.

The Mop 5 Release Candidate

04-14-2010 06:25

The Mop 5 Release Candidate is available at our web site.


The Mop (public beta)

03-28-2010 16:15

The Mop (beta) released.


The Mop 4.44.105

02-15-2010 17:40

The Mop 4.44.105 released. This build to be the last in 4.* brach.

The Mop (public beta)

02-1-2010 19:42

The Mop (public beta) released.


The Mop (public beta)

01-28-2010 09:15

The Mop (public beta) released.

New version brings back classic-style menu instead of «band»-style.