The Mop News Archive — 2016


Holday Season

12-24-2016 23:02

In few days year 2016 will be changed by year 2017. What should we wait from new year?

Yeah, you're right. The Mop 2017 will come soon. New version of our disk cleaner will be brand new software, using new cleaning engine and brand new principles of cleaning you Windows system. User interface will be replaced to meet all you requirements and wishes.

First beta builds of The Mop 2017 will be available for public downloads at the end of January or beginning of February. Do not miss an ability to be first who gets new disk cleaner!

As for current branch of The Mop, it will be turned to “silent updates” to keep all installed copies up-to-date. All these updates are marked as The Mop 2016 although they are released in 2017. No more special notification related The Mop 2016 will be placed at our web site.

So stay tuned to be at cutting edge of disk cleaning industry and... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


The Mop 2016.8.6

11-19-2016 19:09

The Mop 2016.8.6 released.

This version brings some minor bugs fixed.


The Mop 2016.8.5

06-14-2016 17:47

The Mop 2016.8.5 released.

This version brings some minor bugs fixed.


The Mop 2016.8.4

04-24-2016 17:59

The Mop 2016.8.4 released.

This version brings some program's messages changed.

The Mop 2016.8.3

04-14-2016 18:59

The Mop 2016.8.3 released.

This version brings new digital signatures of all executable files and some bugs fixed.


The Mop 2016.8.2

03-27-2016 16:29

The Mop 2016.8.2 released.

This version brings very serious bug fixed. Previous version (2016.8.1) could unexpectedly terminate cleaning process. Thanks to Valdimir Bolshanin who founded the bug and reported us.


The Mop 2016.8.1

01-28-2016 17:29

The Mop 2016.8.1 released.

This version brings cleaning process optimized.

The Mop 2016.8.0

01-4-2016 17:07

The Mop 2016.8.0 released.

This version brings updated scanning and cleaning engine.